Expat ”myter” om Thailand.

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En lite annorlunda lista med vad som kallas ”Top 7 Thai expat myths”, många av dom saker som tas upp har diskuterats här på forumet och är vanliga åsikter bland falanger i Thailand, kanske denna lista ger anledning till lite eftertanke och ytterligare diskussioner.

Top 7 Thai expat myths

Published May 24, 2019
By The Thaiger

If you read the internet, particularly one particular website we won’t name (thaivisa.com)… whoops, then you’d think that Thailand is a dreadful place to visit, filled with hate-filled expats who live in fear and loathing of, well, everything. According to many, the sky is likely to fall in at any moment and everything in Thailand is too expensive, too corrupt, too hot, too cold and too dangerous.

Top 7 Thai expat myths | The Thaiger

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