Falska 1000 baht sedlar åter i omlopp.


Falska sedlar verkar ännu en gång vara något att se upp med i Thailand, det är nu tre år sedan sist gång då så gott dom alla typer av sedlar förfalskades, men när affärerna skaffade utrustning för att belysa och scanna sedlarna upphörde verksamheten den gången, nu kan en ny våg vara på gång.

Fake 1,000 THB bills have returned.
November 30, 2018 Tanyaporn R.
Fake bills were a huge problem about three years ago when there were fake versions of every bill, sellers rushed out to buy banknote scanners to protect against being fooled by buyers with bad intentions. The fake bills then died down for a while as most sellers will insist on checking the bills through a scanner. Once in a while, we would hear news about a fake bill being used but thankfully it has never reached the crisis that it did before.

Credit: Sanook

In this case, Somsri Tongmuni 44 years old, a mini-mart owner on Petchkasem road, Klongtom district is the latest victim of the fake 1,000 THB bill scam. Somsri reported that she was sitting at the cashier in her shop as usual when a customer came in. He was about 170 centimeters tall with a yellow shirt, as he came in he informed Somsri that he wanted two bottles of whisky and then proceeded to hand her a 1,000 THB bill right away.

Credit: Sanook

When Somsri felt the bill she stated that it didn’t feel silky like usual, she then took a closer look and saw that some spots were blurry. She then told the man that the bill might be fake, when he heard her say that, he quickly handed her another 1,000 THB bill. Somsri gave the man his change and asked him if she could keep the bill that might be fake. He looked at the security camera and then quickly walked out of the shop leaving the suspected 1,000 THB bill behind.

Credit: Sanook

Somsri notified the police of the bill, who took it to the bank with confirmation that the bill is actually Fake. Somsri chose to make her experience public as a warning to other people to beware and always feel the bank notes that are handed to you to protect from any loss, she also stated that in bad economic times like this scams are prone to happen, not only will you not receive any money for your products, but some may even lose money by giving the scammers real change for their fake bills.

Fake 1,000 THB bills have returned. - ThaiResidents.com - Thai Local News

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Tveksamt om det kan kallas falsk sedal. Pojkstreck snarare. Vem har inte som barn kopierat en peng och försökt köpa godis för den?

I detta fallet gett den till en hemlös.

Kopierat på vanligt papper och sedan limmat ihop... pojksteck inte falskmynteri.

Så kan det naturligtvis vara, det behöver ju inte vara någon liga, dom brukar ju inte vara intresserade av så små valörer.

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