Sex elefanter dog i Khao Yai nationalpark.

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En tragedi inträffade i Khao Yai när en elefantunge halkade och ramlade i vid ett vattenfall, dom övriga 5 elefanterna försökte sen rädda ungen och drunknade då själva, ungen och dom övriga fem elefanterna hittades sedan döda nedströms, ytterligare två elefanter hittades vid liv på en klippa vid vattenfallet, dessa försöker man rädda.

6 wild elephants die after falling from waterfall in Thailand, reports say
Joel Shannon USA TODAY
Published 6:20 PM EDT Oct 5, 2019

This photo by Thai News Pix taken on October 5, 2019 shows two elephants (one behind the other) trapped on a small cliff at a waterfall at Khao Yai National Park in central Thailand as rescuers work to save them.

Six wild elephants have died in Thailand after falling from a waterfall, according to international media reports.

The incident occurred after a baby slipped off a waterfall in Khao Yai National Park, the BBC reports citing officials. The animals were attempting to save each other from the dangerous falls, known locally as Haew Narok — "Hell's Fall" — according to the publication.

A report sent to the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation says many elephants were gathered near the waterfall Thursday and Friday, Sky News reports. After officials heard elephant cries coming from the area early Saturday morning, they found a baby elephant drowned part way down the waterfall, the publication says.

Two male elephants stood on the cliff above the baby elephant; in a ravine below the baby, officials found the bodies of five drowned adult elephants.

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Nu har totalt 11 elefanter hittats döda i vattenfallet.

Eleven elephants die after falling into waterfall in Thailand – video

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Wildlife officials in Thailand have discovered the carcasses of five more wild elephants downstream from a waterfall where the bodies of six other elephants were found on Saturday.
The animals were originally thought to have died while trying to save each other after falling into a waterfall at Khao Yai national park, but a drone being used to investigate the deaths later identified five further carcasses, including that of a three-year-old calf.
Only two elephants in the herd are known to have survived the fall at the 200-metre-high Haew Narok waterfall in Thailand's mountainous north-east

Source: TPBS
Tue 8 Oct 2019 14.21 BST

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