Två elefantungar dödade av elstängsel runt fruktodling.


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Det verkar som om två elefantungar i Chantaburi provins har dödats av ett elstängsel som skyddade en fruktodling, men att ha elstängsel som uppenbarligen kan döda elefanter verkar ju minst sagt farligt, man kan ju tänka sig vad följden blir om barn eller vuxna människor råkar vidröra staketet.

Two baby elephants electrocuted in a fruit orchard in Chanthaburi province
  • June 19, 2020
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Two baby elephants appear to have been electrocuted, in Tha Mai district of the eastern province of Chanthaburi, when they touched an electric fence, erected by a fruit orchard owner to keep foraging pachyderms out.
A police officer, attached to Tha Mai district police station, said he will summon the orchard owner for questioning about the fence, while awaiting the autopsy results on two elephants, both believed to be about two years old.
Forest officials said that the elephants might have become separated from the herd and ventured into the fruit orchard. One of them stepped on the electric fence and the other, which lay dead about 30 metres away, had its trunk touching the same fence.

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