Var Försiktig i Bangkok i Morgon

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Country holds its breath
Huge security operation underway amid fears that mobs will vent anger in the streets if parties are disbanded

A sense of anxiety gripped the country yesterday on the eve of the Constitution Tribunal's landmark rulings that could dissolve either or both of the Kingdom's two biggest political parties. ... 035556.php
Fear of trouble forces schools to close for day
Police recommend businesses should also take a holiday
All schools near the Constitution Court are closed today for safety reasons. A manufacturing company is also allowing employees to stay home if they want to. ... 035566.php
Judgement Day
10.15am: Democrat's Secretary General Suthep Thueksubhan says Party advisor Chuan Leekpai is suitable to be new party leader if in worst case scenario that the party is dissolved.

10.50 am: About 100 supporters gather at the Thai Rak Thai headquarter on Rama III Road. Police close one traffic lane in front of the building, causing a slow traffic trailing to Krungthep Bridge.
All vehicles entering the building are checked amid tight security. Two widescreen TV monitors are installed in front of the building.
Chaturon is still at the party headquarter on Rama III Road. He insisted the party supporters will not cause trouble no matter the verdicts will be. ... 035592.php
Democrat wins Constitutional Tribunal's unamimous decision
The Constitutional Tribunal agree unanimously that Democrat Party did not violate the election laws. (Details of six allegations inside)

The Tribunal rules that as Democrat Party is not guilty of violating the election laws, so it is not subject to party dissolution.

The nine-member Tribunal ruled 9-0 that Democrat is not guilty ... 035610.php
...the Tribunal judges ruled that two senior members of Thai Rak Thai party found guilty of violating the election laws by paying and hiring others to run in an election.

The nine-member Tribunal said in its reading that former TRT deputy leader Thamarak Isarangura and ex-deputy secretary general Pongsak Ruktapongpisal involved in the paying and hiring politicians of Pattana Chart Thai party to run in the April national election.
Thaksins Thai-Rak-Thai förlorade och ska upplösas... ... 035646.php
Constitutional Tribunal disbands Thai Rak Thai
Former premier and Thai Rak Thai ex-leader Thaksin Shinawatra, responding to the ruling against the party, told BBC: "We have to respect the rules of the game. That is, the rule of the law. If the rules of the law are observed, we have to respect it."

Caretaker Thai Rak Thai leader Chaturon Chaisang said last night that the Constitution Court's verdicts disbanding his party, along with two others, was "highly unexpected", and expressed his worry over "setbacks" towards the development of democracy in Thailand.

He called on more than 14 millions party supporters to respect the verdicts, and not protest or resist them.

"Exercise your tolerance and wisdom and be calm," he said in a brief interview outside the courthouse
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